Yuriy Sklyar Generalist • Designer • Creator • Entrepreneur
San Francisco, California

San Francisco Hunter's Point Shipyard Spheres, or simply Bay Spheres

“Dare to dream of great things! Let us build magnificent structures, filled with purpose and reason.”

…Even I've been a victim of saying the Bay area has no room for expansion. But that is untrue. All you have to do is think creatively.

Sure you could build on top of an existing pier, but that has already been done – what hasn't been done, is what I'm about to propose to you here.

And so in the most unlikely place, at the perfect time, out of dire need, a radically new way of thinking is born in the Bay.

Basic ideas:

  • Do not take up a lot of space, as most of the structure will be built on top of water.
  • Each sphere is a community of its own, providing everything necessary to be self-sustaining (schools, shops, theaters, parks, etc).
  • Extreme density per sq.ft. of land it's built on.
  • Accessible by water transport and land transport alike.
  • Every resident enjoys virtually unobstructed views of the Bay from the oversized, private patio.
  • These will be green buildings full of vegetation and community gardens.

Basic design thinking:

  • Earthquake-resistant design.
  • Center column contains numerous elevators.
  • Each one of the four suspension support structures also houses elevators.
  • Each sphere could raise or lower itself to accommodate the rise/fall of sea level.

I have naturally used the cascading style to compliment the sloped hill that it would be built on (~10-15% slope)

I'm torn between whether this should be a multi-family or a single-family home. Both of the options would be equally interesting, but unless I move into it myself, I don't think Edmonton is quite ready for $20M+ single-family residences.

I believe that outdoor spaces are an essential part of any "complete" home, so the idea was to give families almost an equal amount of outdoor space as there is indoor space. Due to land size limitations the only logical way to create as many of these spaces was to cascade them.

Unfortunately photos don't give an idea of scale, but the oversized ceiling height would allow for things like split leveling, and obviously fairly large trees to be grown on each one of the patios.

There would be underground parking, concierge services, 24/7 security, etc.

I know that a lot of Edmonton residential developers and architects claim to have created "the next big/luxury/sustainable/green thing", but all of those projects always seem to fall short in one of those departments. Overall they just don't meet my standards for quality and excellence, so this project would be the direct reflection of the famous saying: "if you want it done right, you just got to do it yourself" - just like any other projects of mine.